Technology is:

  • Complicated, but we help to simplify the process and maximise impact along your transformation journey. Standard Mentors has an impressive track record of providing many ICT Advisory services to companies in the UAE to help better align IT with business functions.
  • Powerful. forces such as globalisation and rapid technological change are disrupting traditional business models. By working with Standard mentors, you’ll better understand these forces and their impact. We can formulate solutions to keep you ahead of disruptive change and support your innovation ambition by exploiting technology.

All-In-One Audit partner

  • Data visualisation / dashboard design and development
  • Data quality and governance
  • Evaluation of BI tools and programme management
  • Digital health check, strategy and roadmap
  • Digital vendor evaluation and programme management
  • Robotic process automation
  • IT strategy and roadmap
  • IT policy and process, service and performance management
  • Business process re-engineering, system / vendor selection and programme management
  • VAT – system impact assessment and implementation management
  • Cyber security assessment, governance and strategy
  • Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing
  • NESA and ISO 27001 consultancy
  • IT audit / health check
  • ERP pre / post implementation review

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Trusted by some of the biggest brands…

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